• Stops leaks and prevents draughts
  • Secures loose tiles
  • Saves up to 50% on home heating bills
  • Guaranteed maintenance free for 30-years
  • Costs Less than a new roof!

What does the RoofSure Spray Foam Insulation System do?


  • Stops leaking roofs – Thus avoiding unnecessary damage while allowing timbers to ‘breathe’
  • Eliminates freezing plumbing – No more burst pipes
  • No disruption or mess – Ensures continuity of a normal day for the customer
  • Stops wind, rain or snow ingress – No more unexpected troubles
  • One or two day installation – Giving you maximum time savings.
  • Costs less than a new roof – No extensive building work necessary
  • Insulates and stops excessive heating bills – Giving you peace of mind and a warm roof
  • Stops slipping slates and tiles – Eliminates the need for future external roofing maintenance
  • Nail fatigue and underpointing failure – A problem of the past
  • Preserves appearance – Retains exterior character of the property
  • Guaranteed for 30 years – Maintenance free, worry free, cost free.
  • Strengthens existing roof structure – Increase resistance to abnormal wind speeds
  • 40-100mm application – More thickness, better insulation values. (Ask for further details)

ROOFSURE Rigid Polyurethane Spray Foam System

The ROOFSURE system is a rigid polyurethane spray used for the stabilisation of roof structures. The insulating spray foam is applied directly to the underside of the slates and tiles, covering the battens, but not the joists, rafters or purlins. The foam roof insulation can also be used on roofs with underfelt (felt being removed). The spray foam conforms to BS476 part 7 to give a class 1 surface flame spread. The ROOFSURE system is only applied by BUFCA accredited installers.


Why Choose Us?

ROOFSURE ltd is the only spray foam roof insulation company to have been awarded the prestigious Government Endorsed ‘Trustmark’ award for reliability and trustworthiness. We are an established family business who have operated with no sales agents or subcontractors in the roofing industry for 30 years.


Get Awesome Rewards

Spray Foam Insulation September Offer

  • Free Loft Ladder and Flooring installation WORTH £750.
  • For a limited period only.
  • Free M&S Vouchers – WORTH £100 
  • Save 25% OFF + VAT FREE!


The Process

  • Survey

    A qualified surveyor inspects your roof and loft area, provides you with a detailed report and gives you helpful advice and guidance, all completely free of charge.

  • Agreement

    If you decide you would like to protect and insulate your roof for life, the ROOFSURE solution takes just 1 or 2 fuss-free days.

  • Preliminary Work

    One of our technicians will complete a full external overhaul of your roof by re-aligning, repositioning or replacing slipped, broken or missing slates/tiles, repoint the ridge tiles if needed and remove any loose torching or felt.

  • Spray Foam

    The ROOFSURE Rigid Polyurethane Spray Foam is applied directly to the underside of your slates or tiles, stabilising the entire roof, enabling it to withstand even gale force winds.

Is your roof suffering from any of the below?


  • Leaking roof
  • Slipped, cracked, broken or missing slates
  • Lead flashings leaking or missing on chimneys or valleys
  • Ridge or hip tiles cracked, broken or missing
  • Hip irons corroded or missing
  • Hip tiles slipping down
  • Hip and ridge tiles need re-pointing
  • Perished roof felt
  • No roof felt in place
  • Mortar falling off inside of roof
  • Storm or wind damage to roof
  • Battens or timbers starting to rot

Then, Enquire Today

Roof ageing can cause many different problems on a domestic property, which can sometimes lead to leaks and problems inside the house. Many people believe that the only solution is to completely strip and re-lay the roof in order to prevent these problems happening again, but theyre wrong. If you have any of the problems we have listed then enquire today.

The RoofSure System Is Maintenance Free

The insulating spray foam can be installed in one or two fuss-free days, with no disruption or mess to the customer. Within 30 days of completion ROOFSURE will supply a written transferable 30 year manufacturer backed guarantee.


As a family run company we realise that customers like to know that their home improvement investment is 100% secure. That’s why we offer a 30 year manufacturers guarantee on completion of the work. We can also provide a further a 10 year insurance backed guarantee for your peace of mind following completion of the work.

ROOFSURE ltd is the only rigid spray foam roof insulation company to have been awarded the prestigious Government Endorsed ‘Trustmark’ award for reliability and trustworthiness. We are an established family business who have operated with no sales agents or subcontractors in the roofing industry for 30 years. The ROOFSURE  staff are experts in all aspects of spray foam technology and best practice roofing techniques assuring you of a first class installation from start to finish within 1-2 days fuss-free!

Fair Trades is the sign of a reputable business. RoofSURE has passed the stringent vetting procedures required by Fair Trades and are on an elite register of approved home improvement companies. RoofSURE with the support of Fair Trades offer you the best insurance backed guarantee available. Fair Trades strongly recommend that every consumer obtain an Insurance Backed Guarantee for any home improvement or structural work. Fair Trades is a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

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The British Urethane Foam Contractors Association (BUFCA) is to ensure that the highest standards of quality and service are provided from its members. The Association applies the strictest quality control on the activities of its membership, in the interest of clients and the industry at large.


RoofSURE has been assessed and approved by Quality Management Systems (QMS) to the following administration systems, standards and guidelines; BS EN ISO 9002: 1994. The approved quality systems apply to the following: Installation of Rigid Foam Roofing Systems for Insulation, Restoration & Stabilisation of Roof Structures.

Roofsure Testimonials

“Dear Russell, I would like to compliment your company on an excellent job of work providing a quality product. Your workmen were neat and tidy throughout, and were polite and courteous at all times. I have already recommended your company to several people following the completion.”

Mrs Palmer, West Midlands

“Everyone at Roofsure, I would like you all to know that I am 100% pleased with the work you recently completed on our house roof. You have all been a pleasure to deal with, the guys that did the work turned up on time and worked really hard. It’s nice to have peace of mind to know that our roof is now completely weather proof.”

Mr Gray, Nottingham