Roof Coating System

January 8th, 2020

Roof Coating – Protect Your Roof, Protect Your Home

Every part of your home deserves the occasional makeover, but when was the last time you paid attention to your roof?

If you haven’t done it in a while, take a good look at the roof of your home. You might be surprised by what you see. Moss growing at the edges of slates or tiles? Lichen or algae coating surfaces? Or perhaps your roof looks rather jaded – a faded relic of something that was once eye-catching and vibrant.

Age and weathering affect every part of your home – and the roof is no exception. As some roof tiles age they become porous. As others deteriorate they enable more heat to escape your home, making it harder (and more expensive) to keep warm. Cracked, slipped or missing tiles are often a sign that water damage is not too far behind. Yet often, it’s not until the roof starts leaking and problems become critical that we look upwards. 

How can a roof restoration protect my home?

When pointing crumbles, you replace it. When garden fences fade, you paint them. Just because your roof is generally out of sight and out of mind, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need the same level of care. In fact, given that your roof bears the brunt of every storm, gale and heatwave that hits your home, a roof restoration is one of the most important aspects of home maintenance.

The ROOFSURE roof coating system builds protection back into your roof so that it:

  • Creates a barrier that makes porous tiles watertight again
  • Extends the life of your roof tiles
  • Is self-cleaning, repelling water and dirt
  • Reduces heat loss through the roof by up to 58%

How long does ROOFSURE roof coating last?

Our roof coatings come with a 20 year ROOFSURE guarantee.

Other benefits of a ROOFSURE roof restoration

Protecting your roof and the home beneath it is a major benefit of our roof coating system, but it’s far from the only one:

  • Kerb appeal: If you’re considering selling your home, a roof coating can be vital in creating a great first impression. It could help increase the market value of your home too
  • A sign of care: Every home buyer looks for signs that the property they are considering buying has been cared for. A roof coating is an unmistakeable statement that yours is a home that has been well maintained
  • Protects against damage: The hydrophobic properties of ROOFSURE roof coating keeps tiles dry, inhibiting the growth of moulds and mildew and protecting against frost damage
  • Organic: The 100% acrylic formula is Germany’s leading roof coating system
  • Extends the life of your roof: A roof restoration rebuilds the original surface protection of tiles and slates, giving your roof many more years of life
  • Costs (much) less than a new roof: Don’t assume that the only way to make a faded, leaking roof good is by reroofing. A roof restoration can make your roof look and perform as good as new, for far less

What’s the process?

A roof restoration takes place in five stages:

  1. Survey: An expert surveyor examines your roof and loft space to identify the preparatory work required ahead of applying the coating. They will also offer advice and answer your questions
  2. External overhaul: It’s important that your roof is sound and damage-free before applying the coating, so our team will replace missing or damaged slates or tiles, repoint or re-bed ridge tiles and check lead flashing before masking windows, doors and brickwork with clear sheeting
  3. Wash down: A thorough power wash will clear the roof of moss, lichen, algae and more…
  4. Biocidal wash: …And the application of this wash will prevent their regrowth
  5. Apply coating: Finally, your roof will receive the ROOFSURE coating, restoring the roof to its original condition and transforming the look of your home

How long does roof coating take?

Usually one to two days (weather permitting). Larger roofs or more complex projects can take three days, again, depending on the weather. There’s no disruption or mess either, so installation doesn’t mean any inconvenience and there’s no clean-up operation required afterwards.

Can I choose the colour of my roof?

Yes. It’s something few people think about, but if you can change the colour of your door, windows or even walls, then why not the roof?

With the ROOFSURE roof coating system, you don’t have to stick with the roof colour you have. Instead, you can choose matching or contrasting colours for your roof and tailor your whole-home appearance.

That could mean freshening up your home for added kerb appeal – for example, coating the faded natural tones of your tile roof with a still natural looking Tile Red or Rustic shade. Or you could opt for a bold change of direction and choose a Green or Anthracite Grey coating – an especially attractive option when your composite front door is a similar shade.

Wondering which colour options would be best for your roof coating? Put your options to the test here.  

Could my home benefit from a roof restoration?

ROOFSURE is Trust Mark endorsed and Fairtrades registered, so when it comes to deciding whether roof coating is the right solution for your home, we’re the people to ask.

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