UPVC Painting

January 8th, 2020

Can you paint UPVC?

You can with ROOFSURE. Transform the look of your home by transforming the look of your UPVC windows and doors.

UPVC has many benefits, but colour flexibility hasn’t traditionally been one of them. You can now find UPVC windows and doors in a range of colours, but if your existing frames are white (as is the case for virtually everyone in the UK), or if they have discoloured over time or become stained with grease and mould, changing colour has often meant costly reinstallation.

Until now.


If you’d love to give your home a Farrow & Ball-style makeover, you can with ROOFSURE. Instead of aged and discoloured white, ROOFSURE UPVC painting lets you transform your home with a vast range of contemporary colours including greys, silvers, blues, sages and creams.

Don’t feel confined by those choices though. With almost unlimited colour options, if you want to get creative you can. Just ask us on 0800 122 30 30 or request a quote.

UPVC painting or replacement – which is cheaper?

Painting is much cheaper. Choose to recoat your existing doors and windows and you could save up to 80% compared with the cost of replacing them with coloured frames.

Is UPVC painting suitable for all UPVC?

Virtually all doors, window frames, conservatories and patio door frames. And because the paint is sprayed, you get an immaculate finish free from brush strokes.

How long does ROOFSURE UPVC paint last?

Our UPVC coatings come with a 10 year ROOFSURE guarantee.

Other benefits of ROOFSURE UPVC painting

A stunning new look isn’t the only benefit of transforming your home with ROOFSURE.

  • Extend the life of your doors and windows: Thinking of replacing tired frames? UPVC coating could save you the trouble – and the cost – for years
  • Factory-finish look for kerb appeal: If you’re sick and tired of grubby, faded UPVC, you can bet anyone looking to buy your home will feel much the same way. Spray painting your UPVC brings a new lease of life to old doors and frames, and with ROOFSURE the result is an impressive factory-finished appearance
  • Well maintained: Once your home has made a great first impression, prospective buyers will look deeper, looking for signs that the property has been well maintained. A ROOFSURE UPVC coating, like our roof coatings and spray foam insulation, is a sign of a home that’s been well cared for
  • Quick and fuss-free: Don’t worry, we won’t need to remove your windows and doors topaint them. Everything is done on site, and we work fast
  • UV resistant: Even when the sun is beating down on your conservatory or patio doors, the spray coating will stay fade resistant for longer
  • Abrasion resistant: Your home has to put up with a lot of punishment. When the weather does it worst, hail, dust, sand and more scour its surface, but your doors and windows will stay looking impressive

How do you paint UPVC?

Painting your UPVC doors and frames is a five stage process:

  1. Preparation: We clear or cover the area around the area to be sprayed, so plants, garden furniture, decking etc are all protected 
  2. Masking: We remove any door furniture (handles etc), then carefully mask glass and adjacent wood or brickwork to ensure that the only surface being sprayed is UPVC
  3. Cleaning: You can’t achieve a beautiful finish when you spray onto a surface covered in contaminants. We use specialist cleaning products to remove dust, dirt, grease, bird droppings and more. This leaves the spraying surface clean and ready to receive the new paint
  4. Spraying: Our experts carefully coat your doors and UPVC frames in your chosen paint and leave it to bond to the UPVC surface. This only takes a few minutes.
  5. Finishing touches: Once dry, we remove the masking, replace handles and other door furniture, and uncover the surrounding area. Finished!

Could my home benefit from UPVC painting?

Our UPVC coating system is suitable for virtually all types of UPVC doors, windows and conservatories. To explore your options and colours click here for a quote or call us now on 0800 122 30 30.

Please phone our friendly team with any questions.
Call us on 0800 122 30 30 or findoutmore@roofsure.co.uk