Spray Foam Insulation

January 6th, 2020

Spray Foam Insulation – Is It Right For Your Roof?

There’s loft insulation. Then there’s spray foam loft insulation. Discover how spray insulation could halve the heat lost through your roof.

We all know loft insulation is a must. But traditional solutions can often be ineffective, offering less insulation but taking up lots of space that could be used for storage, or for converting the attic into a usable room.

Spray foam not only takes up far less space than many other insulators; it could reduce heat loss through your roof by up to 58%.

Does spray foam insulation work?

Yes – and for lots of reasons, including:

  • Resolves problems from the past: If your property is several decades old, you may notice that your slates have been ‘backpointed’ with a lime mortar mix (sometimes including horsehair). This was a common way of keeping slates in situ and airtight, but as the mortar degrades it a) covers your attic floor in plaster and b) allows draughts to flow through your roof space. Spray foam eliminates draughts and creates a new, long lasting seal that (unlike the mortar) won’t crumble
  • Lets your roof ‘breathe’: Making your roof space watertight won’t help if it simply replaces water from outside with condensation inside. But with ROOFSURE, your joints rafters and purlins remain exposed, and the foam has the same level of breathability as the existing timber
  • Less heat escape: Our insulation is typically applied at thicknesses of 40-100mm (depending on property). Less heat passes through it than alternatives, and when less heat can escape, your home costs you less to keep warm
  • Strengthens your roof: The foam acts as an additional bonding agent, increasing storm protection for your slates and tiles and eliminating the need for future external roofing maintenance
  • Fire protection: Our system meets British Standards 476 Part 7 Class 1 surface spread of flame

How long does spray insulation last?

ROOFSURE insulation is guaranteed for 30 years, with a 10 year insurance-backed guarantee.

Benefits of spray foam insulation

The issues mentioned above are far from the only benefits of foam insulation. Others include:

  • Protects pipes: If frozen loft-based water pipes are a perennial risk in your home, spray insulation will remove the risk of a pipe burst
  • Airtightness: Thermal efficiency (that is, your home’s ability to retain its heat) is also a matter of being airtight. As spray foam insulation forms a tight seal it eliminates draughts
  • Long lasting: Unlike other insulators, foam doesn’t degrade. It’s mould resistant too, and it doesn’t present rodents with a handy source of bedding. So even if they can gain entry to your property, they won’t damage it
  • Reduces noise: Spray insulation reduces airborne sounds’ ability to penetrate your property. So whether your late nights or early mornings are plagued by plane engines or seagulls, the noise will be less noticeable 
  • Good for air quality: Once cured there are no noxious fumes, no fibres, no detectable emissions and no settling, slipping or turning to dust over time. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you’ll breathe easily with ROOFSURE insulation overhead
  • Costs (much) less than a new roof: Leaks, draughts and crumbling pointing may lead you to think that replacing the roof is your only option, but insulation can resolve all the existing problems far more cost-effectively

How long does spray foam insulation take to install?

Usually one day. Larger roofs or more complex projects can take two. There’s no disruption or mess either, so the installation doesn’t mean inconvenience and there’s no clean-up operation required afterwards.

Will spray foam insulation prevent alterations later?

No. If you want to install a Velux window, carry out a loft conversion or similar you still can. The contractor will simply need to cut out the required area of foam when they remove the tiles. 

Can I do this myself?

No. Spray foam polyurethane insulation is only supplied to specialist installers. It also requires expertise and experience to ensure it’s the right solution for your home, to avoid gaps, and to ensure the right (and consistent) level of thickness is achieved for your property.

How much will I save?

According to the Money Advice Service, the average UK dual fuel tariff as of April 2019 was £104.50 per month. Heating costs vary widely, of course – and for many reasons – but if your bill is far in excess of that average, one major factor is likely be insulation.

Spray insulation can reduce heat loss through the roof by up to 58%.

Could my home benefit from spray foam insulation?

ROOFSURE is the only spray foam roof insulation company to have been awarded the prestigious, government endorsed, ‘Trustmark’ award for reliability and trustworthiness. So when it comes to deciding whether spray foam is the right solution for your home, we’re the people to ask.

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