The UK snow predicted soon week remind us of a story we heard recently about a husband returning home from a challenging camping trip and bragging to his wife about his adventures, especially going on about the “barn with the foam insulation” the place where everyone gathered before and after going out on some crisp adventures.

The camp site owner, a real all weather camper, made the decision to provide an air-tight polyurethane foam insulation barrier inside the structure.

“It was amazing,” the husband told his wife. “It was so warm inside because of how well it was sealed, I wanted to sleep there!”

ROOFSURE rigid polyurethane foam insulation has many uses and many home-owners are finding it more economical in the long run to use it as they build or repair roofs.

“Spray foam insulation is super insulation says ROOFSURE owner Russell Fifer. It stops leaking roofs, provides great insulation, conforms to any shape . . .stops dangerous slipping roof tiles and protects the roof from wind, rain and snow ingress, which protect the roof and gives the homeowner amazing energy savings. It also allows us to provide a 30 year guarantee.

So what does spray polyurethane foam insulation have in common with snowstorms?

If the snow is the right consistency and drifts up around your building and on your roof, you can actually feel the warm in your home. It provides a wonderful insulation as it nestles into cracks and crevices, keeping the wind out and the heat in. It actually provides a better shelter than if there is no snow at all.

But then Mother Nature changes direction and the snow melts and the insulation is gone, unless, of course, you have your building insulated with ROOFSURE rigid spray polyurethane foam.