Why You Should Trust A ROOFSURE Roofing Expert

Having your roof regularly inspected is important, especially prior to the start of the UK winter. However, it is one chore many home owners overlook until it’s too late, then there’s a significant problem and a major roof repair is required costing the home owner a lot of money! To save time and money, many consider attempting roof repairs themselves. Please read below for reasons why DIY roof repair is not only a bad idea, but how it could end up costing your more in the end:


Climbing on the roof is dangerous and even if you are DIYing, you should take necessary precautions. You will need essential equipment such as a ladder or scaffolding, depending on the type of job and safety clothing such as work boots to limit the risk of slipping. In addition, you may cause more damage than already exists by cracking tiles.

The UK weather can be fierce and if your roof starts leaking, it can be tempting to climb up and repair it yourself. However a wet roof is slippery and if you have little knowledge of roofing, any repairs should be carried out by a trained professional. A single slip and fall can result in serious, possibly permanent, injury. Don’t risk your well being.

Knowledge of how to repair properly

Without roofing knowledge or experience, it’s likely you are not saving by doing it yourself. You may cause additional damage whilst there, meaning you will need to call a professional to fix a larger, more expensive problem.

A ROOFsure roof repair specialist will have the trained skills to not only identify and fix the problem, but also understand any underlying problems and provide a permanent solution. When inspecting your roof for problems in our free survey, they can find common issues such as broken tile or blocked gutters. A industry trained roofing professional can see damaged areas that someone who is inexperienced may overlook.

Using wrong materials

Another way many people think they can save money is by using cheaper materials. Unfortunately, cheaper options are often poor quality, which will deteriorate quickly or are not suitable for the job. In addition, many people do not know how or where to use the materials correctly, resulting in a poor job which will need an expert to fix the DIY work, the original problem and any extra problems caused.

Trust a Professional

In the end, there are few savings to be had and many risks to attempting your own roof repairs. Get in touch with ROOFSURE now for a free non-obligated roof survey on 0800 122 3030 or contact us online to find out more about repairing your roof.

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