ROOFSURE provides a quality service to commercial clients.

ROOFSURE Rigid Spray Foam provides the ideal solution for insulation and condensation control in industrial and commercial buildings. It can be applied to almost all surfaces to improve the working environment and cut fuel costs. Asbestos encapsulation is an added benefit.

Applications for polyurethane foams include factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, football stadiums and offices. In new and existing structures PU foams are economically applied to the underside of steel, asbestos and aluminium roofs and walls. A typical K-value of 0.02W/mK gives unsurpassed insulation benefits reducing U-values from 6.0 W/m2K to 0.25 W/m2K with as little as 75mm of foam.

The finished surface is non-toxic and odourless, has low water absorption and high resistance to chemical attack. The resilient surface can be high-pressure jet washed. Class ‘O’ fire resistant foam systems are available which are coated with a single component, water-based intumescent paint.

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